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27% of Tenants Would Not Tell Their Landlord About Property Damage

A new survey has revealed that 1 in 4 renters would not tell their landlord if they had caused “significant damage” to their property.

The survey, commissioned by, also revealed that 15% would hire a professional to repair property damage, with 11% saying they would attempt to repair the damage themselves without telling their landlord. “Significant damage” is defined as damage to permanent fixtures in the property (e.g. breaking a window, shower or bathroom fixture, etc.).


Encouraging Signs

What is encouraging is that 58% of respondents said that they would report the damage to their landlord, compared with the 27% that wouldn’t. What’s more, just 1% of people said they would not tell the landlord and attempt to hide it. The full results of the survey can be found here.

73% of renters said that they have carried out DIY, light maintenance and home improvements at their own expense, reducing the cost to the property owners. So while some tenants would try to cover up property damage, the majority are not put off by paying out of their own pocket to make their rented property feel more homely. To avoid difficulties when it comes to property damage and maintenance, you should clearly state where the responsibility lies in the tenancy agreement. Take a look at our blog on tenancy disputes for more information.