Rent on Time for landlords

Rent on Time from Let Alliance is a rent collection and tenancy administration service, securing your cash flow and giving you complete peace of mind that your rent will be paid on time.

In today’s economy, rent arrears remain a continual concern for landlords. Problem tenants, continuing non-payment of rent and the potential legal and eviction costs can lead to significant income losses for you, in addition to unnecessary stress. It’s never been more important to protect your investment. Rent on Time from Let Alliance removes the risk from renting. We work with you to guarantee your rental income and safeguard your investment.


Rent on Time provides you with:

  • Rent paid on time and in full regardless of the tenant defaulting
  • Expert rent collection and arrears management
  • Deposit management and registration with the Tenancy Deposit Service
  • Comprehensive tenancy agreements and legal notices regularly updated with changes in law and regulation
  • Legal cover providing protection against rent related offences
  • No claims, no excess, no waiting
  • Dedicated claims team handling court proceedings, through to evictions

“Since becoming a Rent on Time customer I’ve been really pleased with the way my properties have been handled, it’s exactly what I needed when managing my portfolio. It’s taken the hassle out of a lot of my business and allowed me to concentrate on the more important parts, especially when my tenant fell into arrears as it was all handled professionally, and I felt no financial impact. I have since decided to move all of my properties onto the Rent on Time service, it’s a no brainer to me.” – Mr Allen, Landlord, Manchester.

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